As a Toronto Criminal Lawyer my job is defending you, your rights, doing everything to win your case.

My expertise is in the court room. Having appeared in all levels of the Ontario courts I have the trial experience defend to my clients to win their case.

Toronto Criminal Lawyer, Trial Lawyer, specializing in Motor Vehicle offenses, Impaired Driving, DWI, and Serious Criminal Charges
Licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada I work tirelessly to fight your charge to ensure you best possible results.

Toronto Criminal Lawyer

As a Toronto Criminal lawyer my job is to defend my clients in court, protect their rights, and to win the court case.

Licenced by the Law Society of Upper Canada I work tirelessly to fight your charge to ensure you the best possible results.

I have appeared in all levels of court defending and winning criminal cases for my clients. As an expert in the Bail Hearing courts I know best how to represent you.

Toronto Criminal Defense

Toronto has many experienced and capable lawyers, and for your criminal charge you need a lawyer who is capable, focused and wins cases.

I am that Criminal Lawyer that fights for my client to win their case.

Call me to discuss your case in confidence.  I offer a free 30 minute consultation on any Criminal matter in the Toronto and area courts.

Bail Hearings

As a Toronto Bail Hearing Lawyer I have the experience in the Toronto and area Bail Hearing Courts.

For many criminal charges a Bail Hearing may be mandatory.

Call me 24 hours and on weekends for immediate Bail Hearing assistance 416-878-2275.


Toronto Criminal Lawyer Nicholas Charitsis, saved me, was great in court, the Judge told me that I should thank my lawyer as even the Judge though he did a great job

David Newman

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Toronto Criminal Lawyer
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