Drive over 80 mgs

Canadian Law has a line as to what level of alcohol a driver can have in their blood system. If you drive over 80mgs it's a criminal offense.

80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood is the level of alcohol consumption for Canadian drivers. For most people even having one drink can put you dangerously close to this line.  Having a second drink can put you over making you a criminal in Canadian society if your convicted.

Most people arrested for Driving over 80mgs in Ontario had no idea that they were over the line and at risk to themselves and to others.

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The Penalities for Driving over 80mgs

1. An immediate 90 day drivers licence suspension
2. A fine of 1000 to 2000 dollars
3. A Criminal Record for life
4. Jail sentences for serious or repeat offences
5. Upon conviction an additional one year drivers licence suspension
6. Upon reinstatement of your drivers licence, a mandatory Ignition Interlock must be installed in any vehicle
7. Mandatory completetion of a driver Back on Track, alcohol education program (Cost $575)
8. Insurance rates will go into High Risk Insurance rates ($10,000 per year or more)

Once the police have a lawfull authorit to ask a driver to ake a breathalyzer test the driver must comply and submit to testing.  If the driver takes the breathalyzer test and records a reading of more than 80 miligrams of alcohol the officer may arrest the driver and charge them with the offence of Drive over 80mgs.

In my criminal law practise I specialize in dendeing drivers charged with Drinking and Driving offences and Drive over 80 charges.  Having represented thousands of drivers over the years I am an expert in criminal defense law for Drive over 80mg offenses.

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