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As a Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyer I know that when you’re arrested for impaired driving its a traumatic event. You may feel that your world has fallen apart, but there is a solution.

Once you’re home, collect your thoughts, make an educated decision to call me to discuss you case. As a Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyer I’m an expert in Impaired Driving defense and know how to help you fight this charge.

You may feel that this impaired driving charge has changed your life forever, that’s not true, and as a criminal lawyer in Toronto I have successfully helped hundred of drivers with impaired driving charges.

Should you seek an impaired driving lawyer and get legal advice? Yes you should and you can call me at 416-878-2275 24 hours to discuss your case.

You may think that if the police have charged you with impaired driving then you’re automatically guilty, but it’s not true, the police make mistakes, and the police do not win every case.

When you discuss your impaired driving case with a lawyer with actual experience with impaired driving you will find out that for many impaired driving cases I can help you.

Impaired driving is a serious charge and has many issues, and the penalties can be sever. Impaired Driving charges bring unique challenges to each case.

As a Toronto impaired driving lawyer I am an expert with years of court experience and have legal experts like former police breathalyzer technicians, and alcohol toxicologists standing by to assist in your defense.

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case in detail without charge. Call me at 416-878-2275, your Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyer. If there is anyway of winning your trial I am going to find it!

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