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1.       Legal Advice Before Charges Are Laid:   If you have been classified a “person of interest” by the police, or if you are “under investigation” by the police, I am here to guide you through the process. You may think that you are required to “go down to the police station” to talk to the police because they have called you and demanded that you go in. This is not always the case, especially if there is no warrant for your arrest. In fact, our legal system gives you the right to remain silent and there is no duty or obligation for you to go speak to a police officer who is doing an investigation. Sometimes the police can use tactics to make you feel that you must go in to answer questions. Numerous phones calls, showing up at your residence or even your place of work. If this describes a situation that you are facing, give me a call immediately at 416-878-2275 so that I can explain your rights and speak to the police on your behalf.

2.       Legal Advice When you are charged: I am available to speak to you the moment you have been charged by the police. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 10(b) provides you the right to speak to a lawyer of your choice within a reasonable time after you have been arrested. This is arguably the most critical point of the case before it goes to court so that you don’t give information that incriminates you. Simple questions by the police if answered by you at the police station, such as the date, time, jurisdiction of your whereabouts may result in you being convicted in court later in the proceedings. I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give you legal advice in the event you are charged. I will help you understand your rights and ensure that you do not make any statements while at the police station that will hurt your case.

3.       Bail Hearings: I have appeared and conducted over 500 bail hearings with an excellent track record of success. Many times I can negotiate the release of the accused without leaving it up to the judge or a justice of the peace to make a decision on bail. Getting a “consent release” from the Crown Attorney is just as much an art as it is a science. This is the most effective way of getting bail as it limits the risks of a judicial officer ordering the accused detained at the end of the bail hearing.

4.       Bail Variations: If you have been released on bail and find it difficult to live with the conditions that were imposed by the court at your bail hearing, I am available to assist in changing these conditions on your behalf. This involves making a bail variation application with the consent of the Crown Attorney, or a Bail Review in the Superior Court of Justice to change your conditions. We have successfully changed hundreds of bail conditions to help our clients.

5.       Representation in court for all proceedings: I am available to attend all your court appearances including Set Dates, Crown Pre-trials, Judicial Pre-trials and dates to pick up your disclosure. You can designate me to appear on your behalf in your absence so that you do not need to take time off from school, work, or vacations to attend Court. Retaining my office will ensure that you are represented in court each and every court appearance without you being there. The only time you will need to attend court is for your preliminary inquiry or trial date. Leave the rest up to me and don’t stress about having to go to court for your case every couple of weeks.

6.       Plea Negotiations: I have negotiated thousands of plea bargains to get the best possible results for my clients. An example of an excellent plea bargain is taking a Criminal Charge of Impaired Driving or Operate with More than 80mgs and negotiating it down to a Highway Traffic Offence. The benefit of this is that guarantees no criminal record, no mandatory driving prohibition and no administrative license reinstatement penalties from the Ministry of Transportation. If you are facing a criminal offence with a mandatory minimum sentence, call me so I can review the various plea bargain resolutions that can save you from getting sentenced to jail, criminal record, or driving prohibitions.

7.       Destruction of Finger Prints, Photographs and Police Records: Once your charges have been dismissed, withdrawn or resolved by way of a discharge, I will take steps to ensure that your fingerprints and other police records associated with your charges are destroyed by the police department involved in your case and the RCMP. Getting your charges dropped is 90% of the job. Many other lawyers forget, or neglect the final step of clearing your name which involves an application to destroy the records created when you were charged. I will ensure this gets done and provide you a letter from the police department confirming that your records have been destroyed.

8.       Criminal Record Suspension (formerly known as Pardons): My office offers a full service Record Suspension Application  in the event that you have previously been convicted of a criminal offence.  We will prepare all documents necessary to put in a successful application to have your criminal record cleaned up.

9.       U.S. Entry Waiver Applications




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